Journey to the East (Final Project Pitch)

Group members: Lila Stolkiner, Nina Sun, Jeanny Zhang

Our group proposed that our final project for Hacking the Humanities will be focusing on the journey of two Carleton alumni traveling in China back in the 1930s, specifically on their trip down the Yangtze River. We plan to use ArcGIS and StoryMaps to create an interactive presentation of the travels of Paul Clifford Domke and John R. Canton with photos, text documents, videos, and etc from the Carleton Digital Archive.

As a Chinese international student, I am very looking forward to this project and exploring the connection between Carleton’s history and China’s history. I am surprised by the fact that Carleton holds such an extensive digital collection of artifacts from a very special time period in China’s history as the late 1930s marked the beginning of the second Sino-Japanese War. Building an interactive map and recounting the stories of the two Carleton alumni’s travels would definitely provide us more insights about that specific period of time in China from a foreign perspective.

I am also very excited to explore ArcGIS StoryMaps more because I personally think that it is such an useful tool in terms of visualizing 2D objects in 3D settings. It helps provide a more authentic feeling during interactions, improving users’ comprehension of the project.

Our complete final project pitch can be found here.

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